Software Engineer, Global Growth (2018)

During my short stay at Udacity, I worked alongside the Global Growth Engineering team to build and maintain the company's international marketing websites. Collaborating with the design and marketing teams, I spearheaded development on a number of promotional campaigns, such as the Built On Blockchain campaign, and page launches, including the 2018 redesign of the U.S. homepage and course catalog.

Additional work included the development of in-house tooling to improve the speed in which our team could iterate, as well as leading a workgroup that produced over 30 unique pages for the purpose of lead generation.

Unfortunately, many of my extremely talented peers, along with myself, were let go from the company in the fall of 2018 due to Udacity's 2018 – 2019 downsizing.

Udacity Homepage Refresh
U.S. homepage refresh, mid 2018

Udacity Built On Blockchain
The "Built On Blockchain" campaign

Nancy Lee Visual Design Lead

[Tyler] is a great communicator and collaborator... [and] can always be counted on to deliver a great looking page. I often leaned on him when creating brand new experiences for Udacity’s website, and he was always relentless in finding the most elegant solutions.

Georges Boris Tech Lead

Tyler is an amazing software engineer - with sharp tech skills, a clinic eye for design and UX, and always puts business needs first when developing a new feature. We were on the forefront of the growth team in this hyper growth company and he was an essential part in making that team work.

Rehan Alam Software Engineer

From migrating pages to a self-service platform for non-technical teams to reworking high-visility components on the homepage to building a framework for landing pages, [Tyler] continously demonstrated his expertise with everything frontend related.

Kevin Kim Technical Project Manager

Tyler definitely isn’t your typical engineer. At any given point, Tyler’s likely busy puzzling every piece together to deliver the most thoughtful, practical, and persuasive products possible. Any company would wish it had him sooner.

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