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H-Pop As The Face of a New Taiwan

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 2015


Ever since its formation during the early twentieth century, the Democratic region of Taiwan has struggled to establish its national identity. Long acting a “melting pot” of various cultures, Taiwan has pulled influence from Japan, South Korea, and the United States to create a fragmented culture that is hardly unique, making it near impossible for the Taiwanese population to share a national vision. In this paper, the implications of this influence will be explored, beginning with a careful analysis of the nationalistic qualities of a new form of "hybridized" Taiwanese music, then examining the infiltration of Western music into Taiwan via Japanese and Korean influence. Lastly, the influence of these musicians will be addressed, leading to speculation as to what the outcome of this new wave of C-pop may be and how, and if, this new sound may be able to act as the face of Taiwanese nationalism.

H-Pop As The Face of a New Taiwan
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